Project Hope Alliance (PHA) is a nonprofit organization that is ending the cycle of homelessness,

one child at a time.

PHA deploys a long-term onsite intervention model for children & youth experiencing homelessness who face obstacles that prevent them from accessing resources, being a kid and achieving educational & life goals.

We work one-on-one with them placing full-time case managers on elementary, junior high & high school campuses (post-high school case management is not place-based but individual) identifying homeless students, removing their basic needs barriers like food, clothing, transportation; supply case management, regular check-ins, educational support, stable trusted adult mentors and ‘home’ visits, and connections to needed resources.  

"We start by assuming that ALL things are possible. Our goal is to ensure that our children experiencing homelessness today do not experience homelessness as adults. At Project Hope Alliance, we are generational disruptors of homelessness."

-Jennifer Friend, Project Hope Alliance CEO

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